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Ecolet - The Eco Friendly Toilet Company

Welcome to Ecolet – an eco-friendly composting toilet company. We manufacture and deliver the Ecolet range of composting toilets to happy customers all around Australia. If you’re looking for a toilet that’s environmentally conscious, easy to maintain and what you would call an ‘environmentally friendly composting toilet’ you’ve come to the right place!


We have a range of composting toilets, Pedestals and seats, Accessories and Consumables available through our online store, or you can visit our showroom located at 25 Shannon Place, Virginia QLD 4014 or you can call us on 07 3889 6144.

Composting Toilets

With our range of self contained eco-friendly composting toilets you will be saving water and generating compost in no time! Choose from our Ecolet Manual and Ecolet Automatic range which are suitable for any home or dwelling.

If you’re currently using a septic tank or plumbed in toilets and would like to make the cross over to composting toilets, talk to us today on 07 3889 6144.

Pedestals and seats

Fancy a new seat or pedestal? Here’s where you can take a look at our range and find out what suits your bathroom.

Electrical and Solar Accessories

We have a great range of composting toilet solar fans, adaptors, transformers and solar panels. If you’re looking to get the most out of your composting toilet, you can go completely off-grid and get your power from the sun.


Everything you need to make sure your composting toilet is running smoothly. Rakes, fan housing kits, turbo vents, grease traps and more. If you need an additional item for your eco-toilet, this is the place for you.


Get the items you will need on a regular basis like humus mix, Nature flush enzyme (a great natural cleaning product) Quick Nature Microbes and more.