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Why is the compost chamber filling too quickly?

This can be caused by ineffective composting process due to a number of issues listed below:

Compost pile being too wet

This means liquid is trapped in the compost chamber contributing to quick volume built up. Check if the drainage outlet is being blocked. If drainage outlet is ok, this could be caused by prohibited solids blocking the perforated holes in the oor of the compost chamber.

Insuffcient air flow

Without suffcient air flow, the evaporation process will be slowed and odours start to escape into the toilet room. This can be caused by a malfunctioning fan or ventilation system has been blocked. Check if fan is properly connected or replace the fan if broken. Check if the insect netting has been block.

Why is the composting process slow to complete?

Composting process is dependent on temperature and humidity. Listed below are factors that could slow down the process:


Compost pile being too wet


The addition of wood shavings is an imperative part of the operation of a composting toilet. Wood shavings will assist with the absorption of liquid in your composting toilet and will aid in improving the carbon/nitrogen ratio (important for composting) and will allow air to ow more freely through the system as it loosens the compost pile.

Compost pile surrounding temperature is too low

In cool climates do not insulate the toilet; turn down the fan voltage to lessen cool air being drawn into the system. If odour occurs due to the fan voltage being turned down low simply turn it up slightly to increase airow.

When taking the compost chamber out for secondary composting, make sure it is located in a warm spot preferably in direct sunlight.

How to deal with insects attracted to compost pile?

Usually insects in the compost pile indicates that the humus is too dry. Add a cup of water to the compost.


Insect Control


To break the breeding cycle of insects (most commonly vinegar flies) spray the compost pile with pyrethrum based insect spray for 7 consecutive days. Always place a layer of wood shavings over the top of the pile in the out of service chamber to eliminate the possibility of insects laying eggs.

How to change bottom heater?

How to replace stirrer?

How to replace fan motor?


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